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About Robert Miller's Practice



Despite the depth of his background and breadth of his experience, Mr. Miller intentionally focuses on and devotes professional time and attention to certain specialty practice areas involving certain complicated and/or rapidly developing areas of law of particular interest.  Because of the broad familiarity obtainable in such specific areas, his repeated handling of the same or similar legal issues provides special benefits to clients facing such matters. For that reason, he prefers to take on cases involving those sophisticated areas of practice whenever possible consistently with the needs of the client.

Rapidly developing areas of the law necessarily require an attorney to learn and absorb new refinements and to gain knowledge of the nuances and changes which the cases are establishing as the Courts refine and extend the important legal principles in such an area.  Because Mr. Miller seeks to practice as much as possible in those rapidly evolving areas he is often able to bring the greatest possible current knowledge and expertise to bear for his clients who are impacted by the newer cases in those fields.

Some of those busy areas of such sub-specialty practice include:

  • First Amendment rights of Free Speech, Assembly, and Association,
  • Anti-SLAPP (“Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation”) Motions (carrying mandatory attorney’s fees awards for successful parties to protect against chilling of their Constitutional rights),
  • Slander, Interference with Contractual Relations and Intentional Interference with Prospective Advantage,
  • Malicious prosecution and “SLAPP back” actions (often the only meaningful remedy for persons who have been wrongfully sued),
  • Consumer Legal Remedies Act litigation (designed to protect consumers against unfair and/or fraudulent business practices, and carrying attorney’s fees awards for successful parties) for victims of consumer fraud, and,
  • Elder Abuse (designed to protect persons California residents 65 years of age or older against the wrongful taking, secreting, appropriating, obtaining, or retaining of such a person’s real property [or personal property] for a not rightful purpose or with the intent to defraud, or both) also carrying attorney’s fees awards

For similar reasons, Mr. Miller frequently is involved with breach of fiduciary duty claims, actions to impose constructive trust and compel disgorgement of misappropriated property, promissory fraud issues, and various real estate issues, including the partitioning of interests of multiple owners of real or personal property.

As a former Clerk for a respected Justice of the California Supreme Court, Mr. Miller learned a great deal about how cases can be perceived by a reviewing appellate court.  During his career, he has handled a number of appeals for clients and has prosecuted various original writ matters for clients when circumstances warranted the undertaking of such extraordinary proceedings.

Other specific areas of the Law in which Mr. Miller will represent clients (often with co-counsel who routinely deal with such matters) include:

  • Relief against usurious loans;
  • False arrest/imprisonment matters;
  • Non-Competition covenant enforcements/defense;
  • Lemon Law matters;
  • Mortgage broker frauds;
  • Construction contract breaches;
  • Civil aspects of misdemeanor criminal conduct; and
  • Slander of Title and Quiet Title matters.